Gifting a Subscription in Infinite Flight

Dear Infinite Flight Community,

After a prolonged absence, I am reaching out today to seek information regarding the process of gifting a subscription to others. I am interested in learning about the methods and recommendations for facilitating this transaction.

One approach I considered is having someone log into the account, make the payment, and then ensuring the other individual receives the subscription. However, I am uncertain about the efficacy of this method, especially given that the transaction will take place between individuals residing in different countries.

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

Sincerely, Miguel.

Cross-countries are tricky and unfortunately there’s no good solution to this at this time.

This is a big no no.


Thank you for your comment. In fact, I believe I have identified a method to accomplish this.

The process of gifting a subscription to others may pose initial challenges, particularly when dealing with cross-border transactions. However, an effective approach that proved successful in my attempts involved transferring funds to the recipient through applications such as PayPal, Zelle, or similar services. Nevertheless, it is important to explore alternative methods for individuals who may encounter difficulties with this approach.

Sharing the Infinite Flight experience is always a gratifying endeavor, and I am confident that implementing diverse methods will enhance accessibility for a broader audience.

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