Gift card support question

I am thinking that I am going to use the second of my google play gift cards that were given to me on my birthday. As my subscription runs out today.

However, I only have £1.65 left on the first card. Apparently I cannot add money on it (1st one)? I am wondering if I get the 2nd card what will happen to my other subscription. will I be paying two. Also, just to confirm that all my grade and info is saved on my IF account.

So, what is my idea and would it work?

  • Use the new gift card. pay for IF.

You can buy and add as many gift cards as you like to your google play account.

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OK, so I wouldn’t get affected? by having 2 cards paying?

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When you redeem another gift card, it will simply add the money onto your existing amount. So if you add a £10 gift card, you will have £11.65 altogether.

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Thanks, So…

🎫 card 1 = £1.65
🎫 card 2 = £10.00

So when I redeem card 2 it’s £10.00 balance will add on to card 1?
(Just to clarify)

Yes, it will add on

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Yes but no.

You add a gift card to your account and then the card becomes obsolete. In this case, you already have £1.65 on your account and when you add the other gift card, you will have a total of £11.65.


OK, no problem so I will end up with the total of £11.65
Splendid help!
Thanks @Hamza.N and @Guxk