Gift card apple

Hello, i want to know if it’s possible to pay with an apple gift card because i have one in stock…

Have a good flight!


Indeed it is! Simply add the gift card to your iTunes account and the value of the gift card will be deducted from what you pay for a subscription.


You can just get the gift card then tap redeem then just press Done to confirm it then it’ll be added to your balance then you should be good to go

But make sure you type in the code to redeem it first

And for the multiplayer?

It should work. You can always contact iTunes support if you run into any issues.

problem to connect with itunes store but i have the money on my account and i’m connected so…

Maybe you have insufficient balance? $10 is the minimum for a month, not including taxes.

it’s 10.5 euros and yes i have a 25 euros card so…

Hello Gibbs,

Have you updated your iOS device to the latest software available? (iOS12.2)

Yes… 19.51 euros on my account so wha is the problem!

We don’t know. This is an issue with the App Store. We would need to know what error message you are receiving.

iTunes store connection impossible

So, if you can’t connect to the App Store, the balance of the card isn’t the issue. Can you connect to the App Store via other methods? Meaning, is infinite flight the only method by which you cannot connect to the App Store, or is there a connection error in general?

nop only infinite flight because i can download apps on apple store

You can close this topic i finally succed!