Gibraltar RNAV 09 Approach Missing

Hello IFC! So today I was keen on flying down to Gibraltar (LXGB) to do the RNAV 09 approach (now that we have VNAV, it can be done without a third party app) and noticed the approach was not there. I am aware that you are able to add in the way points manually and set altitudes, however I am requesting that this could be added sometime in the future! Sorry if it seems picky, but it is quite a popular approach and it would be so much better if we could select it! Thanks


Howdy there!

This data is based solely on NAVBLUE data, which is generally extremely accurate! It’s guaranteed that some things will still be off due to update 20.1 being the first iteration with this new data provider. The developers and testers haven’t been able to test every airport around the world and that’s why community reports like this are great! This will be looked at and will be addressed internally by the Staff and Development Team as will all of the other Missing/Incorrect STAR/SID Procedures that have been reported.

If you find other procedures that are off; and if you can back it up with a verified chart, feel free to report it so the developers can be made aware

Thanks for your understanding! Hope that you’re enjoying the update! :)


Thanks for the response! Yeah I did imagine that the procedures would be coming in from a third party, and obviously not every approach and procedure would be there, hence why I made the topic. Again thanks for getting back to me and I hope to see this in IF soon! 🙂


Replying to this rather than making a new topic (as it is the same airport)

So I went to fly the approach, and the waypoints (which were there before 20.1) are now no longer there… meaning the approach can not be flown at all now.

I understand this could be similar to the original issue (not being able to check every single airport) However would appreciate if the required waypoints (as shown in the image below) would be added. Thanks!


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