Gibraltar airport Challenge *not confirmed* 141800ZJAN19

Server: training

Airport: LXGB
Credit- Ramboll.con

Time: 1800Z 1418ZJAN19

NOTAM: Gibraltar airport is one of the most challenging airports to land at because of its over-sea approach and small runway, and it’s known for its Highway, crossing the runway! We will Spawn at Gibraltar and we will be doing traffic patterns, takeoff and landing, we will have 2 ATC’s who will be controlling our aircraft… Please note that this is not entirely confirmed List what gate you would like and who will be ATC. This is also my first event! Any aircraft up to B757 will be allowed…

Please have the title formatted like how it is in this post below:

Is this better on how it should be?

No, for the title (Gibraltar Airport Challenge) is where you put the time (141800ZJAN19)