Giants at RWY 25R EDDF!

Hello everyone, Runway 25R @ EDDF Is not qualified for large aircraft like the Airbus A380.

I think the ATC should have been Informed.

This runway In real life Is used for small and some cargo aircraft,
, but not giants like the A380…etc.

The approach has cleared me ( An Airbus A380 Asiana 541 ) to runway 25R, as a realism police, this just ruins my 11hr flight to be honest.
I’d love to see ATCs direct and focus on clearing small aircraft only to runway 25R at Frankfurt, and use
25L & 25C for all aircraft type.

This may not seem like a big problem to some of you, and I’m pretty sure that It Is problem for realism police players like me. ;)

Thank you for your understanding.🌹


ATC has to use every runway available to deal with the huge amount of traffic in IF which is bigger than the traffic IRL


Well most of the traffic are small aircraft as I see, they can clear most of them to runways 25R & 18.

And Prioritize Giants at RWY 25L & 25R.

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As long as the runway can handle it, it’s fine

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There Is a reason this runway Is not qualified for an A380 In real life.

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What’s the reason? You don’t seem to have said it in your post, all you’ve said is it’s not qualified

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With heavy traffic there is no way to do that.

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Obviously, the runway Is too short for an A380, and the taxiways are also small.

I personally had problems with landing my B747-8I months ago In FRA on that runway, I can’t imagine doing It with an A380. 🤔

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Wait a second, let me have a look at the runway length

There aren’t many giants, all I’m asking for Is to prioritize those giants to the qualified runways, or at least A380s & B747s.

Alright! I think the ATCs have acknowledged that! ;) He has redirected me to runway 25C as well as some other giants. Well done!🌹

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According to google the minimum light for an A380 to takeoff is 2900 metres, 25R is 2800


Those measurements are in feet


Oh yeah, my bad I’ll change that

It may be okay for takeoff, but I guarantee It’s hard to land the A380 at this runway and taxi due to the small taxiways.
There Is a reason FRA had made this decision

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It looks like 25R is too short for takeoff

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Yes! You’re right! :)

Well @LennyD is currently on TGA so that’s who you want if you want to speak to the controller

I think he have acknowledged It! He redirected me and some other giants to this runway without me asking for It, the topic helped! Thanks to the ATC team.🌹

See y’all after I land. :)


I’m glad you eventually got the runway you asked for, but let me clarify about the runway lengths. A380’s regularly land at KLAX’s 24R which is 8935 x 150 ft and KJFK’s 22L which is even shorter, so EDDF’s 25R with 9194 x 147 ft shouldn’t be a problem. From the charts, it seems code F aircrafts and MD11’s are not permitted on 25R for noise abatement/night ops. Taxiway Papa seems large enough to accommodate the supers as well.

Though we all love realism, it becomes difficult to track the size of aircrafts and sort runways accordingly when its real busy like right now.