Giant Network game demonstration on newest iPhone 11

A super powered iPhone should bring us amazing new features in Infinite Flight. There’s no limit:

The previous iPhone are very powerful too (since A10).

There is a limit since we:

  1. Can’t only support the most recent devices
  2. Android. Different circumstances :)

In a perfect world, everyone would always have the most recent device. But that’s not the world we live in :)

The good thing is that technology is continuously improving, enabling us to improve and add more fancy stuff!


There are options like Rendering Quality, Rendering Resolution, Texture Quality, Anit-Aliasing, Limit Frame Rate to fit Infinite Flight to the device. The most powerful like iPhone X iPad Pro 11 are all set to full. This way is good to manage different devices from different manufacturers.

Yes, but that’s not for features. Just for looks :)


Hopefully support is provided as soon as possible! I plan to get the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the first day its out!


Infinite Flight should already be able to support these phones, since Apple didn’t change the screen size or layout. There may be a couple under-the-hood adjustments that need to be done, but I doubt you’ll have to wait to play IF on your new phone!

That’s cool but I bought an iPad Pro 11 to get the job - and it’s breathtaking

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