So I’ve noticed lately, there seem to be ghost pilots? Maybe? Idk. I see the call signs, see their speed, hear their radio calls, but cannot see what plane they are flying in, and physically cannot see them. I’m not sure why this is? Notice in the screen shots I’m practically on top of them, but still cannot see them. It’s not only fighters, it’s airliners as well, but mostly fighters. Not much other traffic if any in the area either.


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These are likely folks who are flying the new CRJ700 that was just pushed to your perspective app store. This is normal if you are not running the same app version. Might be worth checking your Play store or App Store to see if you have an update waiting for you.


Oh snap! I did not know that was pushed. I will check now!

Let me know if you do have the update and I will close this. I’m 95% sure that’s what the issue is.

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Looks like you’re either right, or your right. Lol. Thank you. Just updated!

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