Ghosts and Reports

I have one question:
Are Reports and Ghosts the same? If no, where can you see whether you were ghosted? And what are reports (what you can see in your statistics)

Yes and yes. You can see your reports or ghosts in your grade table. It should say reports (1yr) and another for (2yr)

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Adding to Kevin,
They’re the same, “ghost” is essentially just slang for report. Both are bad and you don’t want them 😉


You can see reports in your flight book. Report is when someone wants to complain on you about non-compliant behavior or violation of rules. If you have 5 reports (I’m not sure) you will got a ban (ghosting) when no one can’t see you for a week. Also IFATC controllers can ghost you on expert server, so be careful!

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Yes they’re the same. In the topic below, there are a few links included where you’ll be able to find out this information. The logbook is found on the main opening screen found in the app. It is labeled Logbook and should be pretty straightforward once you get into that.


Your taking about violations. Those are different than reports.

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Oh yep, sorry about that

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