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Dear all,
I would like to share this reflection precisely because I consider IF a platform of the highest and finest level, especially for the professionalism expressed in the expert server. After a year of expert server, finally, I received the first gost, from which I acquired many other skills. This post is therefore not a dispute. I no longer have the age to contest, but certainly to learn. However, I would like to make a proposal to those who, with great professionalism, lead IF. I find the gost with a week’s block very useful. This, repeated several times over time, is an excellent opportunity for learning through feedback from moderators. On the contrary, I find the blocking of a year after 5 gost counter-productive, which sometimes can happen not due to carelessness of the drivers but because of the difficulty of quickly learning some skills, especially for the language problem, as in my case, especially in video tutorials . This is because, for those who want to learn, being in the expert server is the only practical possibility to really learn. Now I present another proposal. The server training is certainly also necessary for the training of ATC. Who, having the responsibility of the administration of the flight, before learning create a lot of confusion. I have already read of some proposals to create more server training with ATC experts who act as instructors without penalty; but managing multiple servers is a big difficulty for administrators. I therefore propose, in full humility, to present in the server trainig current routes choices, even once every week, in which to put ATC experts and inexperienced pilots. On the other hand, put in experts pilots and inexperience ATC. All with the possibility in the commands of both pilots and ATC to give feedback while flying. Sorry for the length of the post. I hope the translation from Italian is correct


This is a really good idea! Honestly.


ATC training is down to IFATC for a reason. IFATC members do turn up as pilots on training server for ATC trainees and provide them with detailed feedback after every controlling session. This is currently the way.

Now, for pilots, training server is also there to learn, while rules are also there to be followed to avoid violations.

IFATC qualified controllers are not allowed to control on TS at this point as the main aim is to get featured airports covered on expert server, only after that they are allowed to open any non-featured airport, but again, on expert only.

I only have one concern though( and I’m really sorry for the wording), and this is the trolls.

A training session (hosted by IFATC as controllers or even pilots, or anyone who is willing to help others) could easily end up as a huge chaos as on training server there will be almost no serious consequences (except violations for not following certain rules) by acting like a fool just to ruin the session for everyone else.
I’m sorry, but this is always something I take into consideration when I’m flying.

Casual on the other hand has absolutely no rules, so chances are even higher to end up in a chaos, especially because there’s no option for manned ATC at all.

There are VAs and VOs though which offer professional quality training to their pilots to make sure they behave and act with a professional manner when flying on behalf of or representing their VAs/VOs on expert, training server or even casual.


Thanks Jeno_Farkas for your answer and for your time.
I hope I understand everything you say. Unfortunately the google translator is useful, but makes many mistakes.
I understand the difficulties you are talking about. I think that the possible confusion that could be created on the Server Training for pilots’ instruction could be avoided with a monthly route reserved only for pilots who book for this specific event. Maybe those who received a gost and want to improve. On the number of you ATC experts who would be involved in this, I understand the problem you are writing to me.

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As far as I am aware, there is no way to restrict other users to not be able to attend any flights that are currently held on any of the servers as long as they meet the server requirements!

As I said, the idea is great, and it would be good to be held with an organised manner so it would be beneficial for everyone. In the meantime, look out for Virtual Airlines or Virtual Organisations on the forum. Most of them offer really good training facilities. That would be a good start for now.
I will think about your idea and the ways it could be done as I was thinking about something similar but not this level! 😂


Thanks, I will definitely do it. For the way to put a limit on training spaces, consider it a joke: you could warn that the airport is closed and give a gost, limited to that flight, to those who try to enter. 😂

Just to to what has been said above, lookout for ATC tracking threads on IFC, these are people practicing for IFATC, basically in training too, and can share information through the tracking threads, with no threat of a 👻


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