Ghostly approach to Paro International


Today, as with yesterday, I will not post much due to intense air traffic controlling.

I wanted to share with You a screenshot I made from the Himalayan Trio flight, with @Butter_Boi @AlphaSeven and me, replay by setting the time to sunset and lowering the visibility to 1km. Our Batik Air A320-200s shine a light through the foggy, mountainous approach to Paro international (PARO), as we descend from VNKT.


Feedback and criticism always appreciated!

Have a great day!


Looks great! Would look even better if it was in the day ;)

It was a great flight!

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Thanks! I wanted a more ghostlier feel to this screenshot.

Also, forgot to mention that it is recommended to turn up the brightness.

The screenshot is awesome and I hope you have enjoyed the event! Although I’d wish it was a little brighter. 👍

I inserted a shot, that was set to sunset setting. Let me know what You think @Kuba_Jaroszczyk and @AlphaSeven!

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That second one is brilliant! Mountain views + Dense fog + sunset + group flight = an awesome picture!

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Alright, I’ll keep that in mind for my future threads/shots!

Awesome! It would be cool if there was a shot under the fog, but that looks cool. It was a scary approach!

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Always a fun and challenging but yet beautiful approach. What comes with challenge comes with beautiful views.

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That must have been real scary… Nice pics!

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