Is there a way to check how many total ghostings you have? Because I’ve been trying to go onto the expert server and it’s saying I’ve been ghosted too many times and this is something I have no recollection of.

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Can you provide a screen shot of the error message you are receiving?

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Unfortunately there is no way of checking ghostings at this time. The max ghosting is for a year time period. Unless it’s shown on the grading table in which case that lasts a week. If after a week you are still unable to join, do a quick flight on casual. This typically resolves the issue.

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I’ve also done 540 landings and have only 46 violations so that ratio should allow me to be on expert as well…

These are ATC reports, not violations, you’ve been doing something wrong and ATC reporter you

Where it sasys “(5 reports)” this is the number of ghostings you have in the 12 month period.
If it was due to violations, it would tell you those violations.

The message was updated a while back to show how many you had to help with this question. You will need to wait until your oldest ghost is older than 12 months before you can enter the expert server.


Wow. I checked the post Tyler made and it says “Pilots may have no more than 5 ghosts in the last 365 days”. I don’t have 6?

Hang tight while we research this.


What’s your display name and callsign so I can check…?

Display name is S U N G L A S S and the callsign currently used is Allegiant 3 3 3

You have 5 ghosts in the last year. The current system rule is you can’t have 5 or more ghosts in the last year.

I’ve double checked with the developers and updated our post to be less confusing and properly convey that. Thanks!


Thank you! Can you please tell me when one of my oldest ghost will expire so I can get back to expert?

The oldest was on June 10th. Thanks! 🙂

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