I was ghosted since my engine went off and i ended up landing on grass which was out of my control, any ideas what to do here ?

Hello and welcome,

Please check your log book and tell us the person that ghosted you.


Well welcome to the community feel free to have a read through of what i tagged.
And please do what @Kuba_Jaroszczyk has said so we can get the controllers name and everything situated:)

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First, the only way your engine can turn off is you turning it off. And if you accidentally do it you can turn it back on and it’s perfectly fine. But please look in your logbook and tell us the name of the controller and we can tag him so you can PM the controller

Thank you for replying to me.

His name is

Tim beckmann


Solomon Weber

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He is @Tim_B please pm him happy landings :)

He could have run out of fuel.

True but he didn’t tell us he said his engine turned off.

You cannot DM him because you are not TL1 yet. He will contact you when he has time. @Tim_B

Controller has been notified. He will reply when he is able.