I got ghosted the twice when I was just trying to have a good flight and the ATC just reported me for not following his instructions when he is leading me somewhere that no one knows. I was on short finals and he just ghosted me when he told me to turn, I can’t even appeal it because I am new to this. Please help


Please check your logbook for the name of the person that ghosted and PM him/her here


Expert isn’t training. On expert. you follow instructions regardless. And yes check your log book. And @Panther will tell you who the controller is:)

Side note: You were definitely not ghosted twice, because after one you’re invisible to everyone on expert server, you more then likely got a warning then ghosted… And have a look through #tutorials and read everything about atc usage in Expert, for the best experience.


I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there but it sounds like you didn’t follow their instructions because you thought they were leading you to nowhere. Trust me, they know what they’re doing. Even if they put you a long way off course they’ll 100% get back to you.

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So…what you’re saying is you didn’t follow instructions.

What’s the question?


As stated many times above, if you are flying on expert server and are in an IFATC airspace then you must listen to their instructions or fly elsewhere without active ATC… the reason this controller ghosted you is because as there is normally heavy traffic in their airspace if someone is interfering with the operations then it is necessary to ghost them in order to keep everything running smoothly for those flying under ATC instruction. Seems like a good learning moment as you learn from your mistakes!

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I can’t because I am new to this forum.

I can’t really appeal it so do I just wait?

I was ghosted this week and last week. I am sick of it not being able to play for a whole week.

If you keep liking and replying to posts, you will become TL1 in no time. Then you can pm to see what’s going on


The name is Adam Macaulay IFATC

@Adam_Macaulay is ur man!

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I was on short final and I was very disappointed

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I think you need to specify, did you request following, vectors, or check in(same as FF) because even so you may have been in way of traffic and they can move you around. So just let us know what specifically was said or better yet if you can pm the controller.

Because it is very odd reading the situation as you put it earlier. In that I don’t want to jump to conclusions here

The controller has been tagged, and @Buttermachine001 is now capable of setting up a PM. We’ll let him sort it out from here. :)


Thanks everyone!

Hey everyone I am now able to PM him, I sent him an appeal and I hope he understands!


That happened to me 2 days ago, it sucks i know😔😪

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Thank you! 👍😀

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