I’d like to know why i have been ghosted.

PM @Tim_B for further discussion :)

He is the controller you are looking for and is the one that will be able to tell you why you got ghosted.

You are wrong , i want attention instead , attention will help me to find my answer

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You’ll find your answer by doing as I instructed you to do above. We here, other users on IFC can’t do anything to solve this. You getting Ghosted is a matter between you and the controller. The community does not need to be involved as we will just go in circles just guessing why you got Ghosted, without getting any answer.

So if you’d like to know why you got Ghosted then PM Tim and solve the issue which is between you two and not the rest if IFC, thank you.

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Well, you have been given the controller and been told to PM, any other way is no accepted by the community. I have experienced this several times and all it ends up is you in frustration.

ps: As told, PM the controller, he will tell you why. If you have any other problem then PM a staff member. @MishaCamp and @Chris_S are very helpful, that`s also a reference for any future problems. They are always there to help you. It may take a long time to reply, but they have a life too :).

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