Hi guys I just got ghosted for no reason I’m going to upload some pictures and the video I hope someone can help me out because I think this is turning a little bit a common problem with ATC

okay so in this picture
You can see that I’m following instructions from ATC, so Ethan H which is in socal approach it’s indicating me to turn right 070 I reply back as soon as with a turning 0 7 0… next thing I know I got ghosted with no reason I hope someone can help me out how to get my grade back…

Contact @Ethan_Hansen via PM regarding your ghosting. If you are unable to access the PM feature due to your trust level, he will contact you directly.


I don’t understand why you were ghosted. Hmm, I would also like to know what he did wrong so I can learn something.

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Could it be due to the speed? He said "Do not exceed 180 KTS, and on both screenshots, you were above 200 KTS.


Please dont try to guess what happended let Ethan discuss it with him privately.Does not make since guessing if you are not sure


@Costaricanpilot Please message @Ethan_Hansen and include myself or another member of the mod team if needed. Be prepared to share your replay file as well if you decide to include a member of the moderation team as it will likely be requested. Thanks!