I never got what is ghosting…(expert servers) what is that

If you do something bad on the Expert Server, then ATC will “report,” or “ghost” you, and that means that you can’t access the expert server for 7 days

One ghost means no expert servers for 7 day?

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Ghosting is where you are essentially removed from the view of other players and ATC. you are able to complete your flight, but nobody else is able to see or interact with you. To add to this, you loose all of your XP and receive 7 violations I believe.

Ghosting on the training server will typically only happen by the system; this can be for acquiring too many violations in a single flight.
On the expert server, IFATC and some select individuals can ghost you for trolling, neglecting ATC, and the same scenario as training server.

They take a week to wear off, and typically are not removed. If you receive too many, they will prevent you from accessing the expert server.

Hope this helps!


You would be ghosted when you have not followed ATC instructions after multiple warnings or a moderator deems your actions to be of a nature where you are affecting other users significantly.

The consequences are that you are taken down to grade 2 for 7 days where you are unable to access the expert server. You can use this time to learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again.


As an example, if your cleared to land on 17L multiple times and line up for 17R you can expect a 👻Gohst I blame pilot fatigue for my error

Morale of the story is ghosting is used as a punishment/ learning experience for a pilot. follow all rules and commands and you will be fine :-)

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