Hi there.

So I was just landing at Frankfurt airport and I didn’t have any fuel left on the runway, the worst thing is, the tires were stuck in the runway so I couldn’t move. Then I tried to pushback to make myself off the runway so I can get some fuel to at least taxi. I was trying so hard to explain to the ATC but obviously it didn’t work and he ghosted me for “failed to remain separation”. I was trying my best to get off the runway so I won’t affect the flow. Can I get a solution for this when all of these worst scenarios happen? What should I do next time? And, is it possible to revoke this ghosting? I sincerely was trying my best to get my broken plane off the runway.

I believe the ATC was IFAE-RTG113. Thank you.

Pm @RTG113 about the issue


Hey i think the best thing you should have done was exit the flight. This would have stopped you from getting ghosted and also you had no fuel so exiting the game was your only option then


That’s what I was thinking. I just didn’t want to give up so I can continue the trip once I got fuel :/