What is ghosting ? Does it have to do with violations?

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A ghosting is synonymous with a report in infinite flight. They only occur on the expert server, and are inflicted by active ATC controllers or moderators. You are ghosted for not following rules and/or instructions in a manner that disrupts traffic. Ghostings and violations are separate things. Violations are system generated.

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Additionally, the physical act of ghosting means that your plane is no longer visible to others or controllers and will not be allowed back on that server for a period of time.

If you incur 6 violations you receive a “system ghost” which counts the same as a regular ghost.


Yeah a ghosting is basically a last resort decision by IFATC or mods where u do not comply with the rules and not listening and behaving poorly.
I also think a certain amount of vios will add up to equal a ghosting

Violations are generated from the system
A few violations may not hurt much but a ghosting will.

Do everything right and u won’t be ghosted

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