Ghosting when landing

Can a ground controller ghost me is I used Unicom to land?

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It depends on the situation.

A ground controller will not ghost you as their responsibility is the aircraft taxiing//pushing back on the ground.

A tower controller does have the authority, but again, it depends on the situation.

If you’re on short final and the runway is clear//no conflicts with any traffic nearby, air traffic control is trained to let you proceed and contact you when you’re at a stable stage of flight.

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If an ATC frequency is active, ALWAYS use it when in motion. They will attempt to contact you, and if you don’t tune in after several attempts they have a right to ghost you since you aren’t in their control when in their airspace.

Also sorry the post above, I thought you were ghosted. 😅

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Tower or approach wasn’t available so I used Unicom and the ground controller ghosted me.

Do you know who your controller was?

Send them a message and they can explain what happened and let you know of their perspective of the scenario to you.

They’ll have the best idea on what happened and will be able to provide a thorough explanation.

Adding on to Luke, to find out who it was, you can look into your logbook and we can direct you to them.

Yh but y would they ghost me

This is the first time this gas happened

Please look into your logbook to find the name of the controller. He will be able to clear away any confusion.

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I called all my inbounds I did everything I was supposed to

Ok thanks guys

What if no one responds?

The controller will respond if you send him a PM. Once again, please look into your logbook to find the controller. None of us were there, so we can’t explain anything. Only the controller who ghosted you can.

If I send u a replay can u tell me


If you have been Reported/Ghosted, then please check the link below to find the controller by their display name, which is found in your logbook in-game. There will be a link to the controller who ghosted you, each by alphabetical order. PM him, or tag him so they’ll be notified and be happy to talk about why you were Reported/ Ghosted.

I’ll post this again.

Like said a few times above but I’ll say it again. Do check your logbook and find the controller who ghosted you. If you can find him on the IFC, send him a nice PM telling him your side of the story. They will respond when they have the time. They have lives, remember. If you can’t find him, tell him his IF Username and we’ll give their IFC. Thanks!

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Seriously, just message the controller. They’re reasonable people and are understanding in my experience.

They’re here to keep us all safe and orderly so do your part and reach out and start the dialog to get the decision reversed if possible.

Every situation has a story and a reason so definitely do your part too by trying to make contact and understand. If from there you encounter issues, guess what, we all here for a reason. :)

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