Ghosting - trying to contact controller

Hi all. So having gone to some lengths to avoid this becoming a very public and rather embarrassing proclamation, I find myself in need of some assistance getting in touch with the ATC controller ‘InsideFlight’ to enquire about a ghosting incident. I’m not looking to rescind the report, merely clarification for self-improvement purposes. Before I even attempt to make contact, I’d first like to know if there’s even anything to be explained given the circumstances of the incident in question; I mean to say, have I simply not read far enough into the tutorials?

According to the log, the reason given for the report and subsequent ghosting was “failure to maintain separation.” For the record, I was coming out of London Heathrow going Westward from runway 27R. My understanding is that I briefly crossed above another aircraft which had made its way out from runway 27L as I made the turn out toward Zurich. At the time I was somewhat focused on the autopilot having forgotten that the V/S and velocity settings have a tendency to activate and remain set at whatever state they are in at that time - I have a visual disability which means my peripheral vision doesn’t work very well so I can only really watch one part of the screen at once (not great for see and avoid, I grant you) - and only really noticed the other aircraft as it disappeared from my screen, by which time the conflict had come and gone.

My relative inexperience notwithstanding, I hadn’t seen or, indeed, heard a takeoff clearance given for any other aircraft - and I’ll happily take the report for that error, but neither did I hear any traffic alert given - otherwise I would naturally have gone straight back to the map and checked for trouble. I would like to believe, in my humble opinion as an amateur enthusiast, that the controller or the pilot on their way up might have seen me even if I hadn’t seen them and alerted me to the conflict.

Could someone advise me on this one?

@DimitriB will send you a PM soon with information why you were ghosted :)
Since you’re new here to the forum you can’t PM yet, so you’ll just have to wait until he send you one.


I’ll send you one now 🙂


Thanks all!