Ghosting rules

I was recently ghosted for a debatable reason, but I’m willing to forget about it and take the punishment. It made me really question the length of ghosting. If you get ghosted, you can’t fly on expert again for a week. This seems a little excessive as I enjoy expert the most. Would IF ever consider shortening the ghosting period to maybe 24 hours?

Its really there to make sure you thoroughly go over what you did wrong and to make sure it doesnt happen again.

Ok, thanks for the clarification

No…A week in fact can sometimes not be enough!

When joining the expert server you are required to know a fair amount of information… and a week for a ghost gives the person Time to learn and practise on Training server! to make sure the mistake doesn’t happen!

And no… 24hours is way to little…


We are aware that 7 days can be a long time for small reasons that result in ghosting. Over the last few weeks we have been discussing this internally, however as with training server issues, it is a complex thing to tackle.

For now, the 7 days remains, however in the future this is likely to change in favour of a more fair system.