Ghosting question

I was just in expert server flying to LFPG for the event when the approach ATC told me to change my call sign or I will be ghosted my call sign is Peekaboo

I can change my call sign mid flight as I’m descending???
Is my call sign offensive???
And why would the ATC tell me that??? I’ve been playing infinite flight for years and never was told to change my callsign.

I wasn’t ghosts I just exited the game before he can ghost me but I’m curious to why this can possibly happen to me or others in flight without any warning or disclaimer about a call sign in a event


What was his display name? Send him a PM so you can work it out.

Yes, you may change your callsign mid flight.

I think you meant “mid flight” right?

Yes thanks

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Who was your controller? Check in your logbook so we can help you contact him/her to get clarification as to why this was the case.


I had a similar discussion with a controller a few months back. He said they tell you that because it can cause frequency delays when you hear the following;

Papa, Echo, Echo, Kiki, Alpha, Bravo, Oscar, Oscar

You only get ghosted if the call sign is offensive, when is this case, it is not. It’s just easier to have a normal callsign.

If it was approach, it could’ve been Adam_Macaulay (not adding tag incase it isn’t).

He’ll (or any othercotnroller who it was) be more than happy to tell you why you were given that command.

As said above, long callsigns can be a pain. There is only 1 button to request a change of callsign. Sometimes they only mean it kindly, they will only ghost you if your callsign is offensive.

Ok but why would he tell me to change it

And has this happened to anyone else

Let’s wait for him to respond with the user name, as the same repetitive replies are being given to the OP.

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This is what I was told when I received the same message due to my callsign being SPYPLANE.

Ok I’ll try and message him

So next time I should choose a shorter call sign

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Yes. That’s a good idea. Also it’s quicker to say numbers, so use more numbers

Thank you that makes a whole lot more sense in your reply

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No worries, that’s what I’m here for.

@Ernest_Harper it isn’t guaranteed 100% that what @TRDubh has said is the case, however it does make sense, as he was not there to see the actual scene happening. This is why it’s better to contact the controller as he/she will be able to tell you the most accurate reason and how to avoid it next time. We all learn from out mistakes, it’s only human 😉

It is better to be a little patient and find out the correct answer than speculate, as we would never know if it is true without getting an insight from the controllers’ perspective.

I agree with @BravoCharlie. I was just trying to give my insight and give a potential explanation.

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Thank you guys for responding

Do you still need help finding out who it was?