Ghosting question

I want to ask how i can get rid of Reports/ 2 years ,
I need to wait 2 years? image

Yep, you need to wait 2 years. There is no other way I’m afraid, sorry.


Just to clarify, you will need to wait two years from the date of the first ghost. Then you’ll be back to 5 again.

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I’d suggest contacting the controllers that ghosted you, recently, to learn from your mistakes. Check your logbook to see when your second oldest ghost was, that’s the date you’ll be able to get your grade back. Not two years exactly most likely.

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So… Would the controller be able to cancel the report? Or just tell us the mistake?

Tell them what they did wrong. Only way to learn from it.

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Ah okay gotcha

Chances are if the report was from 18 months ago, they’ll have no clue, though.

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Unless it is a system mistake, and you have evidence of it, either in your logbook or mainly replay. Upload the replay files, and contact staff. It isnt too bad since your still grade 3 and have access to all servers.

Replays were not available 2 years ago.


I wasnt sure if the ghostings (if accidental) were recent or within the last 2 years. There are 6 altogether.