Ghosting Question

I just got ghosted on the expert server by @anon66442947
I was doing aerobatics in an F-14 with controllers consent. (Controller didn’t tell me to follow instructions etc.)
I was just wondering if this is a misunderstanding or something.
If not, it’s fine. You can close the topic. I’m just confused.

Just because the controller didn’t tell you to ‘follow instructions’ it doesn’t mean you can just do aerobatics.

Also, to get more information on this ghosting, you need to contact the controller directly through PM.


I gave you more than enough chances. You were flying totally not in control. Flying at 800-1000 kts in the pattern I’m NOT acceptable on Expert server. If you wish to fly like that , do it on Casual .


Ok I am sorry. I will not do that again! Sorry if I disturbed anyone. (You can close this)

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Lol. I never thought I’d ever see a topic like this.