Ghosting Punishment for Staying on the Runway

As you can see here, this person was on the runway for at least 2 minutes without clearance. The controller couldn’t do anything probably because this guy wasn’t tuned into the Tower frequency. I was about to begin my takeoff roll when he got on the runway, I had to slam on the brakes. In the end, we all had to go to 25L and by the time I departed, that guy was still there. Can we have some harsher punishments for this instead of just a violation? Like maybe automatically ghost him. Thanks

Is this on the training server? If so, unfortunately not much can be done.


This shouldn’t belong in support. I would put it in #features

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He got violations probably, but not enough to get ghosted that’s why you see him :).
Hope this answers your question.
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Yes but couldn’t a harsher punishment be out in? Also, you can see that he has so many landings, flight hours but look at the amount of violations. He should be ghosted

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Thank you…

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I don’t think a punishment like this would be practical. I can give an example. Lets say you are doing a group flight with another person, and are following the same flight plan. A controller might intentionally hold an aircraft on the runway for a few minutes to create separation, and it wouldn’t make sense for the aircraft being held to be automatically ghosted.


I would agree with you too, but of course if some plane lines up for the runway, it would create a mayhem for other airliners, especially at busy airports. Furthermore, maybe an airport won’t even have active ATC which would make the situation even worse…

I agree what you said are things that shouldn’t be done, but there is the risk that the system will ghost someone who is doing the right thing, which means it shouldn’t be implemented.


Yes, um, I actually like this feature don’t get me wrong. If it is the training server as @Henrik said

My advice is don’t fly at airports like klax, ombd, or egll if you want full realism. The idle feature works when you stay for about 3 minutes on the runway I believe. I am not really sure , but these type of events do occur on training server, My advice is to switch runways if you don’t want to wait.

Because tower was open at the time you can sit on the runway for as long as needed. It’s when there’s no active ATC that a “runway idle” violation will kick in. I know that’s the situation on the expert server and I rarely fly in TS1 these days so I’m not sure if it would kick in after “x” seconds/minutes.

With that being said it’s somewhat implemented into the expert server already. Like others have mentioned, once you achieve and earn the requirements to get into the expert server, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

If you prefer TS1 then either you can play the game of chicken and see who can wait the longest, or you figure another alternative around the situation (the troll). Best of luck!


Yes and harsher punishments for people who taxi onto an active runway where I am 1 km and 500 feet from landing on. We should make it a 2 km distance rule.

There will be no ghostings on TS. It’s been said hundreds of times before.

The punishment for a ghost is being banished to the TS. Ghosting someone without access, or who doesn’t want access to, the Expert Server is a futile exercise.

TS was, is, and always will be a place where stuff like this happens. It’s not going to change. What are you going to do to someone who flies on TS? Banish them to TS? There’s no net effect.

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We could implement a controller voting system, where, at the end of your flight, you rate the controller, but maybe this should be for Grade 3 only, and if the controller receives atleast 100 4 star votes, they have the power to ghost a player but with IFATC supervision?

Even IFATC don’t ghost on TS.

It’s not a power that will ever be extended to TS in any form, to any individual.

Ok but the reason why a lot of people fly on TS is because Expert don’t have a lot of controllers, at least IFATC could let more controllers control the skies of IF.

I think that it could work mostly but in some cases it wouldn’t. For example, if someone’s game froze or they disconnected and have to reconnect it could take a long time or maybe have to go do something important. It could work but it probably wouldn’t.

They’re welcome to do so, by joining IFATC.

The problem with having controllers rated or graded by anyone other than specific people is that there’s no guarantee of quality. There are a lot of standard practices on TS, practices which pilots think to be correct, and may give high grades for, which are completely wrong.

The entire concept of IFATC is standardization, something that would be thrown completely out the window if these SOPs from TS were deemed “5 stars” or however you want to frame it.

IFATC isn’t about controlling access, it’s about standardizing experience.

Everyone is free to control TS as they please. Free range. No restrictions. Except you can’t ghost. Because it’s TS. Not even IFATC is allowed to ghost there. Why would controllers who haven’t gone through any vetting be allowed to ghost when IFATC can’t?

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I actually do like the idea of a session ghost, maybe once 5 people report, or something like that. Would just kick them from the session. Because as Tim Mentioned, you can’t ban them from going on TS.

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