Ghosting power abuse. Are some ATC too trigger-happy?

Its 8.00 (6.00GMT), im waking up, make a flight plan in a CRJ700 from LJLJ to EDDF while having my first coffee. Im watching a wizzair flight doing airport laps with very unrealistic right banks, that would make a rollercoaster enthusiast throw up, and very short final approaches, wondering when the airfield will get busy and he will be told that no patternwork is possible anymore.
I put the cup down, taxi to runway 30 and line up as instructed. I idle the engines and wait for further instructions… I have heard nothing for some 15seconds, wondering whether this is a network issue i redial into tower as the wizzair A320 is coming up for another insanely short approach on right downwind. Then i am told to follow instructions or i will be ghosted, upon which i just quit the game, before he could ruin my path to becoming ATC on expert servers for months in advance.
My question is: is it not realistic to have a communication issue? And should a controller not expect me to do my job as best as i can to follow instructions? The airport was not busy… One aircraft was still 2 minutes away taxying, the other had just performed his 4th touch n go and therefore i think should be told to extend upwind. I had the feeling the controller preferred watching that A320’s involuntary aerobatics, rather than keeping up the realism of the game,
Considering i am grade 4 and have over 1400h and over 1200 landing in the log, i do want to be treated as though i try to comply with ATC instructions at all times, which i do…


@MackenzieRodgers is your controller, please DM him for more info.




This seems like it could’ve been a simple comm Issue where yes, I agree, a bit of patience could’ve been applied on the ATC side.

As the others mentioned it’s best to contact the controller to provide two-way feedback. If you have a problem finding them just contact me and I’ll happily point you in the right direction to get you some clarification! 🙂