Ghosting on 24th June, 2019

Good Morning!
I was flying yesterday from KMIA with Callsign ETIHAD763 .
I Departed straight out and in a while switched to approach requesting landing at KMIA.
I was unfamiliar with the fact that we are not allowed to do that.
I was said the frequency was busy and incoming aircraft was not being accepted.
So I flew around and requested again expecting the frequency to not be busy at some point of time and accept my request for approach.
In doing so, I was ghosted.
I would just request you to reverse the Ghosting as I only expected the ATC to accept my request when not busy.
Thank You
Dr Humam Ahmad

@Trio as you said was your controller. PM him and he will explain it to you. However, good work on providing all the details.


Trio will pm you when he gets on. We like to have these ghosting discussions between the controller and pilot through private message instead of here.

Well if the controller said that the airport was busy, it’s busy. There’s no arguing about that. You gotta listen to ATC or else this happens. I don’t think anyone will remove your ghosting because you should have followed instructions correctly.