Ghosting Issue

Hi all.
I last night was ghosted for something I think was unreasonable, I contacted the IFATC user about it but he simply voided my message (he was online after I sent it)
How long should I wait before I contact someone else?

Who was the controller?

He might be busy. Give him a while to respond, and then if he still doesn’t say anything after a long period of time, you can contact a supervisor.

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He most likely didn’t catch the message or is overloaded with messages so give him time, if you already messaged him there is no need to make a post about it, if you’re concerned it was ignored you can always add an ATC Mod to the pm.


Okay, this thing where people stalk controllers’ online status needs to stop. I’m probably “online” 24 hours a day because my browser is always open, even while asleep. It doesnt mean I’m actively looking at IFC (same for said controller).

Stalking does not help your case.