Ghosting in training server

I just got ghosted while on training server and I don’t know why.
It said that there was no reason and I also didn’t know that there was ghosting in training server.

This means you were ghosted by a moderator, staff member, or supervisor. They will reach out to you when they can :)

It’s most likely a moderator or staff or a system ghost if it’s on TS. Make sure to check your logbook to find who sent the report and send the replay to the Mods if you want to dispute it.

You may have experienced a system ghost. What notifications did you receive before this happened?
If this is a mod ghost, send a replay to @moderators. They may reach out if possible.

Training Server is not normally policed by moderators. So I think it is very unlikely that you were ghosted this way.

If you were ghosted than I suspect you either did acrobatic stunts near an airport or somehow collected too many violations in one go; a system ghost.

What did your log show?

Will my report be removed?

You should check your replay, you can share it on Good luck!

It depends what you did, if it’s a system ghost then no. Most likely no, as the only way you get ghosted is if a moderator reports you, which means you are doing wrong as they don’t report you for no reason. Or if it’s a system ghost then, that means you got too many violations in a session which can’t be removed as it’s your fault.

It was a moderator and I did enter the runway without permission. He told me to exit the runway and when I was about to do that he reported me.

Can you please send a picture of your logbook? So we can help you out

Sure I will

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@Chris_S will PM you as soon as he can:)

Thank you (:

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Handled via PM.

While controllers are not able to report, staff/moderators will often show up at different airports on the training server.