Ghosting from ATC

I was Ghosted for Crossing runway 26R/8L Because i contacted ground to cross the runway and they didn’t reply and just sent me back to Tower(which is the first mistake). Then when i contact Tower there is no way to ask to cross the Runway so ATC being unhelpful/unknowledgable led to this. Can i please have someone review this or at least remove the Ghosting???

Please contact the controller.

Look at your logbook and tell us what controller ghosted you we can give you his info

Okay thanks

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IFATC Cameron Stone was Tower who ghosted me

We’re you ghosted by ground or tower

@Cameron_Stone is who you’re looking for

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I don’t know who ground was because it was his mistake that led to it

Go into your log book and see who ghosted you. You can then message them. If I was your ground controller the reason I was sending people back to Tower was so Tower can cross the aircraft. I know for the pilot there isn’t an option to ask for crossing but for the Tower controller they can tell you to cross. It just made sense and it was easier for Tower to cross the aircraft instead of the two controllers messaging each other back and forth for when to cross the aircraft. I wasn’t the one who ghosted you but I hope I was able to help you understand why we were doing this.

@Brandon_Philpot since @Cameron_Stone was tagged in this thread, he will be notified. When he is done controlling I’m sure he will PM you on what happened.


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No he is Basic he can PM @Joseph007

Okay thank you

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Didn’t think basics could PM. My fault.

That’s fine @Joseph007

After landing until you cross runway you should have stayed with tower. It’s your fault.

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As @LukeD said before he was ground and was sending aircraft back to tower so tower could cross I don’t think it was his fault

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After exiting, you hold short and wait for tower to tell you to cross, if they didn’t tell you to contact ground on the taxiway. Usually you cross the runway with the tower because it is easier for one person to manage the runway than two.

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