Ghosting for past 2 years

Good day. My stats show I have 4 ghostings in the past 12 months and 6 in the past two years. I also gone back page by page on my log book and cannot see any ghostings on my log book between 13/05/18 and April 2019. I am not questioning that I never got any ghostings in 2018 to 2019 but just cannot see them on my log book. I am just trying to work out when I will get my grade 5 status as I meet all other criteria. My call sign is AFKLM114 and account is under John_Ryan1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Do you mind posting a picture of your grade table so we can get a better understanding?

Yes thanks for the quick reply. Please see screenshot.


So, you will reach grade 4 whenever the oldest ghost expires. After the oldest ghost reaches 2 years of age, you will regain grade 4 status.


We will actually be removing all 2 year requirements with 20.1. Should be a little bit of peace of mind for you (:


Thank you. I won’t ask when the update will be as I know you must be sick of the same question being asked. But when this does happen and with me meeting all the other stats requirements will this then put me straight onto Grade 5. I was grade 4 up to three months ago when I got my last ( and hopefully it will be my last) ghosting

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Thats great to know that my report of entering final on the opposite runway will be outta here 🙃

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Can you also remove the 90 day landing count? I have everything I need to qualify for grade 4, but I have been very busy in the last year, so I did not get a chance to fly as much. That is the only think keeping me from reaching grade 4. I don’t think I, or anyone really, should be kept a whole grade down simply because one may not be able to devote a lot of time to infinite flight due to other priorities. Please do consider…

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The 90 day landing count doesn’t effect your grade much. It makes sure you dont have a high grade like if inactive for 6 months or so. If you active and do flights regularly, you should be fine. :)

I understand this point, but I don’t think that landings is a good measure of a user’s active-ness. As much as we all like to fly, we can all agree that a simple flight does take a lot of time. And simply because you haven’t been able to fly as much doesn’t mean that you aren’t an active member. I am currently not flying, but I am actively contributing to the IFC.

We can discuss more in PM if you’d like, we know that you can be inactive sometimes, the 90 day landing count gets rid of landing in the past 3 months. Let’s say you do 1 landing a day, that’s only 1 landing every day subtracted, I’d recommend doing pattern work, you can get like 10 landings at a time :)

I’m just going to tell you straight up, anything above grade 3 doesn’t matter. I’m quite content with being in multiple VAs, IFATC, etc. at grade 3. You will be fine.


Woah yay then I can join BAVA yay!

Wow! Thank you for the information @MishaCamp!

Can you elaborate more on this? Like how will it work with the ghostings after 20.1?

It looks like the update will be the greatest update you will see in the coming times.
[I hope that update will be soon]


Just gonna go ahead and close this up