Ghosting for no reason ?

A little while ago I’ve been ghosted by IFATC JoseOscana controlling ground and tower at KSAN.Here is the stroy;i was cleared to land,it was windy that could move airplane nose right and left.So i’m sure you’ve experienced once.Then i missed localizer and glide slope when descending towards 50 feet and executed go around at about 80-70 because it wouldn’t be safe landing.Then i said going around,i was expecting “roger,make…” but i was shocked because he sent me “airport is busy”(ok it was really busy) first then "please check tutorials from IF forum…"finally sent me “frequency change approved”.I thought that i should have executed missing approach and said it.Ok well,we all do mistakes,i turned left down wind said executing missed approach and reported the left down wind and he’s ghosted me.

Couldn’t find his nickname on forum therefore couldn’t contact him.That’s why i’m creating this topic hope he’ll see it.Additionally,I didin’t want to go around at my sweet will,yeah he was dealing with heavy traffic but at left down i reported wind he could see and follow me easily.I don’t know if i had mistake and i really want to know it but i didn’t really get his behavior.


@Jose_Oscana is who your talking about right?


In future if you don’t know their username, don’t make a post and instead just PM either @Tyler_Shelton or @Joe and they will put you in touch.


PM the controller directly. Add me if needed.