Ghosting for idle while on ramp

Hi there, sometimes I like to leave the game running after a flight I’m my parking area for an hour before I fly again. I do not “end” the flight session in other words. Is there a chance that this could be considered a valid ghost if I am idled and ATC ground is trying to contact me and I do not respond?

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Assuming you’re parked at the gate all safe and sound, there is no reason for you to be ghosted it you’re idle.

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As @MrMrMan says, there is no valid reason to be ghosted, from what I know, if you upload the replay to The website in this topic, we can look we’re you were when he ghosted you. Also I’d recommend to contact the controller, his name should appear in the flight log.

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Doesn’t look like he was ghosted, he was just asking about the possibility of it.

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Oh, then I misunderstood then, we’ll now he do have the information for later then

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Are you saying you were ghosted, or asking if you can be ghosted for idling in the ramp?

If by ramp, you mean at a gate, no.

If by ramp, you mean chilling in a taxiway or otherwise blocking other traffic and not moving, yes.

(FYI, Tarmac is a substance, not a location.)

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I took it as him asking if he could be ghosted if he’s sitting idle at a gate, where the answer is no.

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Pretty easy to assume it’s the gate, considering he mentions “parking area”
I have done what you said before with no issue at all with active ATC! I have stayed at the gate for hours with active ATC and never had problems in the past. Love doing it since it adds a sense of realisism to the game :)

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Yeah, do whatever you want st the gate. Chill and listen to tower for all I care. It’s not interfering, so it’s fine.

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