Ghosting Dilemma

Ummm excuse me I was ghosted last Saturday at 4 05 pm so the 7 days have already passed, besides my ghosting was an accident, so could anyone help me out? Please.

A short flight on Casual should solve the problem.
IF sometimes needs some time to refresh.

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It’s time for some patterns on the casual server :)

EDIT: @Starley beat me to it XD

A quick flight on Casual should fix things.

Oh ok, thanks, didn’t know that 😂

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Was this about 45-60 minutes ago ?

Looks like your app is not updated. Would that be a problem?

@GolferRyan is right. It looks like the older version. That was probably your issue. @Tyler_Shelton would know.

Oh, I think I see the problem. We’re you pressing send & switch or just send?

I was Approach and handed you to tower. You were cleared for the visual approach 24R. And you were on KLAX Unicom and not tower. You were landing on 24L instead of 24R as you were instructed. There was an aircraft on 24L lined up for take off. That’s why you were ghosted