Ghosting decisions a little harsh?

Was ghosted yesterday at a unicom-controlled airport for what I can only assume was my intersection departure from the active runway in a 767. There was another user holding short at the end of the active runway and another on final but ~ 1 minute out. Far as I could tell my quick, intersection departure didn’t cause any other users to change their course of action or impede them. I routinely see departures and landings spaced this far apart at other user/ATC controlled airports in LIVE. I’m fine abiding by a controllers denial of an intersection departure but at a unicom-controlled airport, come on!?! Climbing through ~12,000 ft. after takeoff I was ghosted for 24 hrs and left thinking it was a little harsh for not really altering the experience of other users.

You should have taken a screenshot. Was approach active?

Nope, no approach active

Did atc try to contact you?

According to a controller I DMed but he didn’t want to answer my question,

It was the “safest desicision”

No, they did not

You were ghosted by your peers if it was at a Unicom field not much anyone can do about that.

I wasn’t aware it worked like that. Seems like a lot of authority for someone who hasn’t received training/guidance.

Was this on playground server?

You have to be reported by 3 different users for that to happen. :)

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Advanced server

Wow, I’ll be tip-toeing around the advanced server for a while.

Nah don’t worry about it. That rarely happens

You must’ve been reported by 3 people. I’d assume they felt you were cutting in line.

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Hmmm…I can see that, honestly. But I guess my larger point is that feelings shouldn’t matter much in ghosting decisions, hard rules or protocol should. As I said, I’d judge my quick departure as having plenty of separation and therefore little impact on other users.

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if it happens again try and gather some screen shots, cause if you like you say where causing no harm or being immature we can pass the information on to one of the ATC mods and they can have your ghost reveresed :) just bear it in mind.

(Being with IFATC you screen shot everything, I think half my iCloud storage is IF screenshots of when Iv ghosted haha)

I understand, but they’re has to be some way to keep structure when a controller isn’t on and I guess this current system is the best way at this point.

Have to say that if I was holding short as someone was on final and you had cut in…I would have hit that report user button. Same if I was on final and someone rolled on to the runway I would also have hit report user. Guess there was someone else there as well to get the three reports?

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Yeah I certainly understand that perspective and, to be honest, I won’t be doing this again for fear of people seeking retribution by reporting me. What hasn’t changed is my judgement that the single hold short aircraft was doing so unnecessarily and that there was ample space to the aircraft on final to take off. Ultimately, I’m puzzled because no one was forced to change their course of action because of mine. I was airborne before the inbound aircraft touched the pavement and the hold short aircraft still took off after the runway was clear. Like zbelle implies, it felt like aggressive tattling because of some perceived slight.