Ghosting days

Hi pilots,

Please I need more clarification on number of days it takes when one is ghosted. I know usually for me it takes 7 days only to regain access to the expert server (level 3). But on this it’s now 12 days I still remain in level 2 and I wonder why. Attached is my info page maybe there’s something I’m not aware of that I need to know.

Thanks guys

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You’ve been reported 7 times in the last year, the requirement for Grade 3 is a maximum of 5 reports per year. Unfortunately, this could keep you off the expert server for a while.


Any time there’s something keeping you from the next grade, you simply have to look for yellow numbers. They will show you exactly what you are lacking (or have in excess, in this case.)


There is something very strange here …
It is assumed that if you have 5 ghost a year you can no longer enter ES, this user has 7 in the last year. How is it possible that I have 7 if the fifth ghost can no longer enter the server? How did the other ghosts give him?


Somebody explain to me please 😂

You’re likely not getting back to ES for a long time due to your 7 ghosts. How you got more than 5 ghosts is beyond me.

I’d recommend reading the ATC communication tutorials if you’re serious with wanting to rejoin and maintain access to the ES.


The rule was created during this year



Restart your app. It shows 7 on your table but you only have 6.


Oh I’m really serious and 2 of the ghosts there were a result of network that i couldn’t communicate with the ATC and follow the guide so there’s no explanation.

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Did that several times.

The problem you’ll have with those is that when you’re reported, you have to appeal it at the time. Reports that happened months ago can’t really be reviewed, as the time in between may have resulted in replays being deleted or screenshots cleaned out, etc. it’s really hard to look back at something that occurred in May and review it.

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Next time you have communication issues and get ghosted appeal them directly. The mods + controllers are very helpful and understanding in my experience.

Unfortunately this is not possible/easy if not done immediately (see @Tim_B‘s post).

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Ok. Thank you😊

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No problem, hope that helped!