Ghosting Considerations

So I was ghosted 3 days ago for landing on the wrong runway. I played with the volume down at work and I requested specifically 23L at EDDL (to lose some altitude) however ATC apparently changed my runway and because I wasn’t able to hear I just acknowledged that I was number 2 to land so I started my final landing configuration. When I was about 500ft AGL i got the message again that I was cleared to land. As I landed I was ghosted. Now there was a plane that entered final after me and I do realize I should have payed more attention. I feel the controller waited too long to try to get my attention because it wasn’t a short final. But to be ghosted and lose my Grade 3 was disappointing because I’ve only had 4 violations since I started IF. (speeding on taxi way by accident face palm). I haven’t played since I got ghosted because I only have fun in advanced server. So I have one more day to wait but shouldn’t there be certain considerations before ghosting a player. Or at very least add something in ATC that lets u know that you’re lined up for the wrong way. Truly disappointing considering 23L was clear of traffic and the plane behind me had time to be routed to 23R


Do you know the controller’s name, it may be better to bing it up with him/her via PM. As I feel this may have been unjust, you said before, your volume was down, so how’d you know if he took too long?

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Making a topic about this is to no use. Contact Tyler or Joe privately.


I did talk to the controller. But I guess his heart is made of stone :( (i joke i joke i kid i kid). But i knew I was cleared to land because of the yellow writing at the top. I didn’t realize it said 23R only that I was number 2 to land… Now that I think about it there was a plane on final for 23L so i think this is why I assumed I was cleared for 23L also


Never assume , i have made that mistake once luckily it was on the training server !


That’s why you always gotta look at the ATClog when your volume is off


Do you mean about ghosting in general or having considerations put in place before a player is ghosted ( like offense committed). I can take my punishment I’m just asking if there should be special considerations before a player is ghosted. I’m still new to the forums so I will learn from my mistakes as I go. This is an awesome community i’m sure I will be helped accordingly. :)

This topic can be closed if need be by moderators, I was directed to where I can have my concerns addressed. Thanks

IFATC not only have to take considerations, but they have a whole list of rules.

Controllers cannot take into consideration that a pilot might have the sound muted. Controllers expect you to comply to all instructions, if you didn’t catch a message – well, that’s your fault.


No matter what other people say, you can express your feelings about your problems with Infinite Flight. With the workers reading the problems, the workers of Infinite Flight can improve the game. Sorry about the ghosting, it sucks for 7 days


I understand that. But if i’m going to the wrong runway I just felt there should be a special message. I wasn’t even asked to follow instructions so I didn’t realize I was making a mistake. If I had gotten at least that message I would have looked at the log. Not making excuses I made the mistake and even apologized to the controller. I just feel kind of bummed that I was bumped to grade 2 and I always follow ATC instuctions. Yet I see Grade 4 pilots doing the most.

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We have a dedicated thread where ghosting questions can be addressed, so it won’t fill up the whole forum.

*7 days


They could make it a must for text messages if we ignore audio ones.

Hahaha is it really 7 days?

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Heart of stone reply (not sorry). It is the advanced server, and the most realistic one compared to real life. In real life, you don’t just land on the wrong runway then complain that you didn’t get a fair warning…


So you didn’t pay attention to what ATC was telling you, he repeated him self a few times for you to get the hint. Then you want to complain we should have done more? if you don’t understand a command don’t respond, just because you ask for a runway doesn’t mean that’s what you’re going to get. Pay attention next time, we do enough to help you along. He gave you every opportunity to correct yourself before ghosting. Lesson learned.
P.S you don’t need the sound on too read the log and response.


Hmm… Include incident reports? And if it’s reasonable, maybe call back the ghosting?

I’m sorry if I’m not being clear (at work again) but my question is more geared toward improving the ghosting system or at very least having more communication between ATC and the pilot. I’m ok with my punishment because it is an advanced server and should have a certain level of integrity. As I said I however i wasn’t issued a please follow instructions command also lately on the advanced server I’ve been getting alot of disregard last message so at 500ft AGL me being cleared again for a runway I was already cleared for wasn’t an after thought. I had a sterile cockpit at that point :D


I always double check my atc log from time to time, especially at important moments such as approaching an airport. Just to make sure I’m not missing a command. Better safe than sorry. It’s a good lesson, you will learn from it.


Why you playing at work man