Ghosting concerns

Dear Infinite Flight team,

I am a truly happy for the hard work by the creators who took there time to create a really great platform to fly without the need for a huge and expensive flight simulator set up.

My experience has been good but as of late when I am in the expert server there are some who unjustifiably issue ghosting.

Most of the time (and I can speak for others as well) the system that they run the app tends to get glitchy, run hot and this I turn creates a delay to execute instructions that ATC issues. Because of this it seems that we the pilots are ignoring instructions when it was not intentional and then guess what we get ghosted.

That results in a 7 day wait which is extremely frustrating. I get the impression that some who take on the roll of ATC Have very little patience, are inconsiderate and they simply do not know how to handle there role.

I know this only a virtual platform. However there are some of us who have worked hard to build experience points and to maintain the healthy grade levels.

This is something that needs to be addressed especially most of us pay to maintain this platform.

If you have a question regarding a report, please contact @reports. Please be prepared to share your replay.

Things happen and people are human and mistakes are made. If needed we will reverse the report.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to pm me and we can discuss it