Ghosting Change - How does it impact me?

@Tyler_Shelton I agree with you whole heartedly, intentional vs. mistake I think is the fine balance we are talking here, and I understand that’s not easy to define. The example I used was more you return to your car 5 mins late and get a ticket… rather than choosing to drive at high speed where you are clearly told that you are not allowed too. The punishments are clearly defined and are not equivalent. It’s a hard one, but yet think warrants further discussion on your end, and appreciate your willingness to take it on board, and do just that.

@Tyler_Shelton… Please understand I am not questioning being in violation. I had an overspeed caused by Pilot Error. “I” did it I admit it, I don’t want it reviewed or removed. The issue is the increase to 7 days from 3 in down time for a “Violation”. A Ghost is dissimilar to a Violation with its human interface and 7 days down is fine by me. A Violation is a lesser evil than a Ghost and they should not be punished with equal severity. The Violation punishment should remain at 3 Day!


It did affect me unfortunately I can’t get back to my Grade 4. 2 or 3 days left.

EDIT: Good news! I got my Grade4 back! YAY!

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I am 100% thinking the same way. They’re different, not same at all (both gives violations but like @Maxmustang said, ghosts are more evil than violations). Good idea.

EDIT: Even though ghosts give you multiple violations and since getting ghosted and getting a violation has no difference at all in their punishment severity, this is a much needed update/feature.

I got ghosted today, but i think it is just because of missunderstanding between me and ATC

@Alexander_Nikitin Check this.

Violation Update:

Violations will also fall in line with our Ghosting change. You’re allowed a maximum of 3 violations within a 7 day period to maintain a Grade 3, which is also the minimum requirement for the Expert Server. 3 violations is a fair amount that provides opportunities for pilots to quickly correct errors while still keeping their Expert Server access.

Ghosts restrict Expert Server access for 7 days.
Violations must not exceed 3 within a 7 day period to maintain Expert Server access.

Thank you for your patience as we better clarify internally.


Don’t be annoyed, review the tutorials. I’ve flown on Live since it was released and I haven’t had a ghost in the entire time. Follow instructions, it’s very simple. Expert server rules are and will be strictly enforced.


I think it’s fair to constantly review and finesse, this was about violation & ghosting = same consequence. A simple mistake that penalizes you the same way as for something that is clearly stated as against the rules, or an intentional act… well thats not balanced, nor fair. I applaud the way they are handling this. The fact they have responded in a way to try and correct that is really positive, and fair. Hey i got 4 violations in quick succession during the hurricane last week, i didn’t moan about it, no… i flew about in TS1 for 7 days. Did i feel it was right, no… but i didn’t come here ranting and raving about it… i brought it up (I hope) in a constructive way. @Tyler_Shelton I think this is a fair solution.

I think this is a good idea to keep the expert server for experts. But it’s really annoying when you get ghosted because of internet lag…


If this is the case please contact a moderator for assistance.


I personaly think this is a bad change because, we are all humans and humans make mistakes. I do understand you want the expert server for experts but some people want to have fun without having really bad ATC or worrying about getting ghosted.

It would be so much more fun for everybody, pilots, controllers, everybody, if the people on expert really flew like experts, if you get ghosted, it is a learning experience and seven days is plenty of time. If you want better ATC without getting ghosted, you can always join a VA, many have an ATC department so you can have good controllers without the worry. Still, it isn’t an excuse to not follow directions and instructions.


You can still have fun and do maneuvers and acrobatics on the casual server. This is an excellent move for those emulating realism.


I like the realism i just think 7 days is a bit much. Maybe like 4 or 5 would be good.
Oh well cant do anything about it

Thank you for more information

I apologize… I was over reacting a bit when I commented that… I am now more cautious when flying on the expert server and I also reviewed the ATC instructions.

One day, I hope voice communications will be possible in IF. It would make things seem more realistic and also mitigate this whole ghosting issue when people can explain what they’re trying to do so both pilots and ATC can be on the same page. Maybe that should be the next update after global. 😉 Keep up the good work IFATC!

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The only issue with that is that people could abuse that and swear and bad mouth everybody on the mic, and that it’s better to just have the set commands


Well if people abuse you can always tap the ghost button :).

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