Ghosting Change - How does it impact me?

While on the Expert Server pilots may be subject to ghosting by active ATC and Moderators.

Reasons for ghosting may include:

  • Not following ATC instructions after multiple warnings (warnings will be dependent on controller workload).
  • Entering an active runway without permission.
  • Taxiing through other aircraft, gate areas, and grass.
  • Exceeding 550kts ground speed while below FL400.

This restriction will be removed upon release of Global.

  • Blatant disregard for others (ex: departing in front of aircraft on final, skipping sequence, etc).
  • Other based on situation.

What happens when I’m ghosted?

If a pilot is ghosted they will be able to finish their current flight, however they will not be visible or heard by other pilots for the duration of that session. The ghosted pilot will also receive a restriction from the Expert Server. A ghosted pilot will see which frequency, controller, and/or Moderator has ghosted them.

How long will I be restricted from the Expert Server?

Pilots that are ghosted will not be able to access the Expert Server for 7 days. This has been increased from the previous restriction of 3 days.

We conducted an extended experiment and have decided to increase the restriction to 7 days to ensure a quality experience for all customers in the Live environment. Ghosted users will still have access to the Training and Casual Server.

If inquiring about a ghost please refer to the following post:

Inquiries sent to Moderators and Staff that are aggressive in nature or containing inappropriate language will receive no response or support. Please include clear and concise information, free of emotionally-charged essays, so that we may better assist you in a timely manner. It is controller and Moderator policy that a screenshot is taken to support any and all ghosts so a fair assessment will be provided to users that follow the instructions above.

Note: Users with excessive ghosts are subject to permanent removal from the Expert Server and will be handled on a case-by-case basis by FDS Staff.

Thank you all for your continued efforts to make the Infinite Flight Live environment such an enjoyable place to be!


This is great. I like the length change!

It would be interesting to see how this impacts quality of realism. Would be nice to see a compacting ghost, second offense of say 10-14 days and so on


Cool! Thanks Tyler! This helps with knowing what i can get ghosted for.


Thanks Tyler for the information.

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Very nice, can’t stand pilots who don’t follow the rules on the Expert Server.


Thanks for writing this. This is really helpful to show what not to do on the expert server.


Thanks Tyler! I thought the ban was 7 days for a little while already though? Anyway, it’s a really useful and much needed post. Hopefully (but it won’t happen) in the future we won’t need these posts ;)

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Will the Previous ghosts in the past 3 days thing on our XP tables change to 7 days?


It likely will. I don’t want to pull the developers too much for this stuff as they’re currently full steam ahead, but we will make the appropriate changes when able so they go hand in hand! 🙂


Ok, thank you! I will keep an eye out for it.


This is a good call. Keeping the Expert Server for experts.


Thanks for this I was wondering what happens if I were ghosted!

I’ve got a question though, with a little scenario that happened yesterday.

I was at KASE yesterday with minimal outbounds, and about 7 inbounds. At the time there were 4 planes within a 28 Mile radius of the airport inbound for Rwy 15. 1 Plane was about 5-6 Nautical miles out, with another plane not too far behind. After the First 2 planes there was about a 7-9 mile gap between the first pair of inbounds, and a C-130 with a Dash-8 Behind him.

At the time, I’m holding short of runway 33 in an F-16 when tower tells me to “Line up and wait.” The first pair of aircraft were On the ILS. One Just about 5 miles out closing fast, and the other just entering. I saw the gap between the pairs of aircraft and wanted that instead, so I told Tower “Standby.” He told me again to “Line Up wait”, and I said “Im Sorry”, “Standby” again. He Cancelled my clearance and told me to hold short. I waited for the first pair of aircraft to land, got the better sequence, thanked the controller, and took off with no problems.

My question is “Could this be grounds for ghosting?”, as in “Skipping Sequence”. All I wanted was a better sequence which was available.
I didn’t get ghosted, and @Balloonchaser gave me the better sequence. Thx btw.


IFATC would be the best source to answer here, but if you sent to tower that you were ready for takeoff, essentially you’re now in their departure queue. I know when I do tower (even on TS1) i write down in order who’s ready for takeoff and what type of aircraft so i know what im dealing with. So i’d put you down in a f-16 and know you’d like be able to get out of there quicker if i needed you to.

So… by already asking for clearance, getting asked to lineup, and say please wait, you’ve slowed down my process to get everyone out.

On the pilot side, i’d be frustrated that im having to wait while someone isnt “following tower’s directions”


That would’ve been perfectly fine and seemingly was fine. Message me privately to further discuss if you’d like.


Would this be appropriate even if the aircraft already announced ready for takeoff? Asking for personal clarification as well…

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Yes, though we ask that you trust the controller. In this scenario the controller likely took aircraft characteristics into account, planning for a nimble and fast F16 departure in busy airspace.

What you did was fine, but it seems the controller’s plan was fine too.


@Brandon_Sandstrom 👍
Nice change, I didn’t know you would get ghosted for 550kts GS under FL400… nice to know…
Thanks Tyler, for sharing this!


Thank you for informing us of the changes Tyler. I would also suggest that ghostings be added to the pilot log, so if somebody forgets who ghosted them, and want to inquire about their ghosting, they could reference there.


It shouldn’t be happening often so I wouldn’t deem it necessary.