Ghosting by ATC Controler

Hey everyone,
I recieved a ghosting by the ATC controler ,RoyalJordanian’’ during my flight today (my first ghosting ever!) Now my question is if there is any possebility to protest against a ghosting, cause in my case I simply wasn’t abel to climbe to 6000ft and recived the report for not following the instruction even so I gave the information ,unabel’’ to the controler. So in my eyes the controler abused his power by punishing me.
Looking forward to your answers.

@RoyalJordanian is your guy! I would PM him to talk about it.

Also, welcome to the community!

Oh, your a TL0. You cannot PM him, I would try and have him message you to talk about it.


@RoyalJordanian will contact you.


Will reach you on pm.

Thank you. This is being handled via PM.