Ghosting appeal

Hello, pilots and ATC. I am new to InfiniteFlight. I was so excited today finally get to grade 3 which allows to fly on Expert server. So I decided to do couple of approaches on any controlled airport. After take off I joined downwind and asked for touch and go. ATC declined, so I asked for full stop and got ghosted. Not sure what was wrong about that.

I tried to find controller in forum [IFAE-AFATC Will A] - @Will_A - is it you? (Still not clear how to match users here).

09/28/19 SGBR

I did not have intentions to upset anyone. Would be amazing to receive feedback, as it is very important for me to learn how to be better. Would be awesome also if this report is dismissed.

thanks and sorry for inconvenience.


That is me. I will PM you.


Just because new people to the forum, doesn’t mean they are grade 1 or 2

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I applaud your respect for this ghosting. Normally, a ghosted user will not be very respectful and civil about it, and will demand that the ghost is removed. I really commend your respect with this ghost removal.



“Hello, pilots and ATC. I am new to InfiniteFlight.”

Well he could of meant the community. Enough said let’s just get back on topic.

@Will_A & @Mykhailo_Koretskyi: You guys can have a conversation in PM. Apologies for the confusion for the ridiculous flagging of this topic. #trolls

@Captain_Merka Please don’t abuse the flagging function. Its a waste of moderator resources when you flag posts that are useful. Expect a formal warning next time.

Everyone else: Take note of what not to do. Thanks!