Seems like I fall for every possible foul up.
Climbing out of KPS on my usual flight to LAX. Thought I’d enjoy the flght from outside the plane for about 5 minutes. How silly of me!!!
When I put myself back into the cockpit, I found myself ghosted and busted from level 5 down to 1 simply cause I was overspeeding by about 50 knots.
I’m sorry but if your going to be that harsh on a training level site, then at least provide a noticeable warning if your outside the cockpitpit.
So many other reckless and deliberate violations being committed by others that I’ve mentioned in this forum and all I hear is “hey, it’s a training level so it’s allowed.” I over speed by a few knots and I’m spanked and sent to my room for another 3 days. Doesn’t seem right. Just saying


That sounds like a system ghost. I’m sorry, but if you were overspending for 5 minutes, you’ll definitely be ghosted. That’s how the app works. Use Casual for less restrictive flying.


If you were ghosted on the training server it was a system ghost. Even though your outside of the cockpit it still shows at the top the helper messages. You more then likely missed them.


Ghosted by the system. :/ this is a tough way to be ghosted. Just go to casual if you want to overspeed


Please don’t use so many exclamation points :)

Keeping autopilot on helps keep your speed under control while you can admire the plane. If you’re over speeding for 5 minutes it’s definitely going to ghost you. Just wait the ghost out and you’ll be back on your way to fly.


I know how you feel brother!

Thanks for your response but I had no intention of overspending.
Just another warning to myself that I can’t allow myself to wool gather even for a minute.

Thanhs a lot. Positive spins always help.


No leaving the cockpit during Climb out!

Guess I’ll take my punishment and wait out the 3 days and not fly at all. It’s hard cause I enjoy it so much.
But for me to from a level 5 down to a 1 would require a decompression chamber.


It sucks.

That’s why if I know I’ll be AFK for extended amount of time I fly Casual.

Makes sense I guess but I still feel that some tweaking to the rules, violations and degree of punishment are in order.

The training site alone has too many people engaging in deliberate and reckless behavior that takes the realism and fun away from all of us. I’m sure the casual site is much worse. Notwithstanding my naughty naughty today, I consider myself a serious pilot. I have too many hours under my belt flying the real deal. I’ve always been a careful pilot
Thanks everyone. Input good or bad is always appreciated.

Keep flying a lot and get grade 3 to access the Expert Server and get a realistic experience there :)

ok bro dont have to be …

Neal, thanks for your responds but I’m/was a level 5.
Sorry I didn’t clarify that.

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Ah ok thanks for clarifying

@Ken_Irwin… MaxSez: Suck it up Ken! Pilot Error plan and simple. Why compound your embarrassment by going public. Just Sayin.


Use the stuff at the bottom to check your IAS, you know, were you can put the yoke and all that stuff…

Use the autopilot

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I do.

AutoNAV at that.