How do it PM a controller that ghosted me? I didn’t realize I was on the expert server and pushed back. Jamie-Yi instantly ghosted me. Seems a little harsh. If someone is acting as judge, jury and executioner, there should be a way to dispute it other than cancelling my subscription. I never had this issue before.


Welcome to the IFC @Rob_Lekstrom.
Because your a new user you cant PM @Jamie_Ye.
Dont worry. He will PM you because I have taged him ;).

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Hey Rob!

Luke tagged the controller for you so he can contact you via PM.

Have a good day 😊


MaxSez… I note a plethora of Ghosts without warning lately for minor violations like Rolling on the grass and this one, a Pushback without authority. This trend appears to be have started when NON-IFATC where placed in positions of full authority on Expert. So the question remains are Non-IFATC’s granted Ghosting authority. (Is Jimmie Ye IFATC? May answer this mail!)


Only IFATC controllers has access to the expert server

You can’t access the expert server if you have not been through the recruitment process and passed your written and practical exam

You can be assured, all controllers on the expert server are qualified


Never ever anyone besides IFATC have been granted to ghost, even on the Training Server. Also, it would be very helpful if you’d attach the transcript of the messages that your controller sent you.

Moderators and Staff may also Ghost someone if they find the behavior of the pilot to be faulty. They do have the power to Ghost at any given moment and does not require to be a part of IFATC. So there are those with the power of Ghosting Pilots without the need to be ATC :)

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The controller will contact you via PM.