Hello I need support so I was just flying from KPHX to KLAX and I got ghosted I was telling the tower I was unable to turn that way because I would of got a violation for speed as I was slowing down and then the tower ghosted me.

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Please take a look at your logbook and tell us the name of the controller :) We will then help you contact him to discuss the issue further.

Why would you not be able to slow down if you turn?

Because I was worried about my speed so I wasn’t focusing on heading 320 or something as he said

Please PM @Pilothodge80 :)

You could’ve deployed spoilers.

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That was done.

Then you should’ve decreased your V/S.

Turning helps you slow down. You could have put spoilers on and climbed with 250 vs. then decend again.

You don’t need to have a conversation with others regarding what he should do. The controller or a mod will reach out. There is no reason for you to intervene.

Let the controller deal with it

Yes he gave me no time to do any of that once I said unable he ghosted me ASAP

as @IF_Aviation1 said, no further conversation is needed. Ther controller will pm you as soon as he can @Charlie32204

The controller will help him regarding the ghosting… The forum is a place where people learn new things, and there is nothing wrong in having a discussion on what he can do in the future to avoid this happening again.

You might not understand every aspect about this ghosting because you weren’t there. It is best if the controller educates the person who was ghosted.


One person needs to tell him, why have a whole convo on it?

@BravoCharlie is right about that. Next time, turn when the ATC tells you to, turning doesn’t affect your speed as in going faster. Also lower your VS :)


I don’t quite understand why everyone is debating over this, the OPs question has been answered, and the controller will handle this. No need to discuss this further.


Just checked my replays. I think I have a clip, as I was spotting at LAX. What was your callsign @Charlie32204?

We don’t need to continue any more discussion here.
Please PM the controller and he will explain everything there :)

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