Hi I got ghosted for doing nothing, I was sitting for 20 mins in a gate hold and I asked twice and on the second time I got ghosted meanwhile others asked many more times and didn’t get ghosted, I forgot the controllers name but unthinkable he should be fired.

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Hello could you please check your logbook? It should say the name of the controller.

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A ghost is almost never for nothing. As @Sashaz55 said, please check your logbook for the name of the controller who reported you.

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Welcome to the community. I notice this is your first post. Let me congratulate you for reaching out to such an extraordinary forum. We are glad to have you! To resolve your ghosting or gain further knowledge on your report you must private message the controller. He/she will have the most knowledge about the particular situation. You can find his/her name in your logbook folder. Because you are new to the forum you most likely will not be available to PM. If you kindly let us know who reported you we can get you in touch with the controller right away for you.


It is @PlaneGeek I was in the gate hold too. I’m literally wiping the sweat off my head after accidentally full powering into another aircraft during a queue.


Take a breath guys… Sasha already asked Nathan for a screenshot of the logbook or the name that’s provided there. There is no need to repeat that twice. And @Ecoops123 you might be correct, but it could’ve been a different airport and therefore a different controller. We don’t make assumptions in these kinds of posts as it only adds to the confusion.

OP (Nathan) will post the name from the logbook. Then, we’re able to figure out who the controller was. Nathan can then send him a PM (or the controller will contact him). That’s it — same procedure as always. Now we wait.



Somebody get that man a nice coffee or tea. Voice of reason and tribal knowledge when a topic gets cluttered!


Roger. Two minute difference though space cadet. Breath not needed (Excuse the satire)

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Just tell us the name of the controller and one of us will forward you to him/her to Discuss further and welcome to the community 😀✈️

I was the contoller at LSGG. I will PM the OP
This can be closed now

Controller is sending pilot a PM.