I have a question. I was just ghosted at KLAS… I was cleared to line up and wait, then the person behind me was cleared to line up and wait, so he started taxiing forward and I requested to takeoff again since I was never cleared but the person behind me was cleared to line up… Not sure how this is fair, I was trying to clear the runway before the other guy lined up since he should not have been told to line up and wait while i was still waiting on runway 26R


I guess the question is: why?

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Go in the logbook and find the flight in which you were ghosted in. The controller’s name is there.


And then ask them why they ghosted me?

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Yup. With a private message, or course.


I had a similar thing happen here too. I was cleared to line up, then the controller went offline so I waited on the runway until they came back. They came back so I said I was ready for takeoff, but they cleared a different person holding short for takeoff, which they lined up behind me. I requested takeoff again, which the ATC replied with please check tutorials

I’m not sure why you got flagged, you’re asking the right questions.

As has been said here, send the controller a PM. They’re the only person who can tell you why you were reported, and your best avenue for getting the report reversed if you feel it was unfair. If you’re not sure who the controller was, feel free to ask here and you’ll get pointed in the right direction.

For everyone else, please do not comment. The pilot has been pointed toward the controller, there’s nothing more to analyze here unless they request it.

OP, this might help too:


First off: FYI I accidentally flagged your comment, it should not have been, that was my mistake

Which brings me to: ATC could have made a mistake and you should send a responsible, kind message inquiring as to why you rescieved a report.

Let me see who the controller was so I can point you in the right direction. One second. 🙂


@AsternAviation Can you please get in touch with this user to discuss and let myself or another mod/supervisor know if this needs to be reversed? Thanks.


I’ll get in touch with them as soon as possible! Thanks :)


Thank you. I sent you a pm

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I love it when ghosting topics go as smooth as this. Wish they are/were all like this. 😍