Um can someone explain the reason I got ghosted. I’m fine with getting ghosted but I just want to know what I did.
Expert sever
United continental 767
United 364

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Please check in your logbook to see who ghosted you, and PM them. If you are not of the right trust level, we will help let the controller know and they will contact you.

EDIT: As you are of the correct trust level to PM users, please just let us know what their display name was so that we can help you contact them.

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Please give us the name of the ATC, you can find
this by clicking on the info part of your flight in your logbook. And can you please change the title to be more realistic as this was the expert server, and here we like to keep things ‘professional’

You are still a basic user so go into your logbook and forward the controllers name here. Someone will be happy to set you up in a PM with them🙂


TL1 users can PM other members


I’ll dm you. I was the one that ghosted you.


I’m not sure if you can since he is TL1

Note - Thanks for you or your team for approving FlyDubai.

Just sent a message to him :)


In addition to what everyone said, I need to say just one more thing:

This is the first post about a ghosting I’ve seen in a while that didn’t start with „unfair“, „no reason“, „bad controller“, … Thank you for staying so professional!

And we already found your controller. Have a good day and all the best for the future. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll get better and better.



Oh ok… I haven’t been bothered to check myself, I just am listening to other users on a tiny phone 😂

@BluePanda900 Is your guy :)

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In addition to what @Marc said, where the one ghosted was Professional, the community still have to remember this: Point Of Order: When it's answered, it's answered.

There is no reason to say “check your logbook” 4 times and then when the controller is found, you still say that he is the guy

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Blue asked for closure, he will handle in a PM.