I was ghosted on the Expert server at FACT a few days ago. I was ghosted because I was “Spamming the frequency.” I’m not sure if saying one message to ATC every minute and ATC wasn’t responding is considered spamming. I was ghosted by RiKowalSkipper. I’m not really sure what to do now though but I would like to get it taken off my account. What should I do?

Please PM @RiKowalSkipper, thanks.


Thanks @Gabe_Z

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A few days ago and you wait until now to bring it up…?


I haven’t really had time to do this.

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Let’s not further discuss this and wait for the controller to respond.

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Thanks @anon79257371

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Yeah I had the same problem when I was new to the expert server. They don’t seem to like that…

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Nope. If you had 50 aircraft on your frequency all repeating themselves as if they were alone in the air, you wouldn’t either.


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